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Something Told the Wild Geese

Something told the Wild Geese
It was time to go
Thought the fields lay golden
Something whispered, whispered snow.....

Chloe let the old song wander into her head and smiled. A small flock of geese, likely the last of them, faded away as they flew off in their V formation for a warmer winter in the south. Corran lay peacefully under a light blanket of snow. She stood in the rusted forgotten playground and let the cold air fill her lungs.

It was November 12th, the day after Remembrance Day. Her remembrance had seemed hollow and empty this year on her own. It was the first year she hadn't gone to the cemetery to place her poppy on her grandfather's grave. As much as she wished she could have, it would have been way too exposed and easy to predict. She had left this year's poppy on a grave by the old church in Corran of a man born around the same time. His epitaph spoke of service and family. Somehow he shared part of that same energy and she could honour that this time.

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