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Snowstorms and Scandals

Chloe kicked the back of her shovel and cursed it as she out it away for what felt like the hundredth time this week. She glowered at it and then she glowered at the snow, her true enemy. Would it ever stop? Corran was under siege from the weather right now.

She had to trudge through it again to go to work. Stella had closed the tea shop for a few days but as everyone got stir crazy, she opened it again. She had told Chloe she didn’t have to come in if she didn’t want to but Chloe was feeling cooped up too. Tea was hot at least, and something to do for the few brave souls who were out and about.

Chloe headed out the front but the wind practically blew her back to the house. Shivering she reconsidered her route. It would be sheltered if she waded through the drifts in the trees behind the house, and a shorter path.

“Fuck it….” She muttered and retreated back around the side of the house.
As she climbed up a small hill she heard something, something like a person in distress. It was h…

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