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I am Chloe

A cloudy dawn broke over the small hamlet of Corran Ontario cascading a pale embrace over the earth, trees, roads and buildings. The sun fought the clouds but was imprisoned by them in a suspended and muted orange glow. From the small grey house with the red door a figure emerged timidly. It was a young woman with just below chin length straight brown hair and tortoise shell glasses. She wore light blue jeans with a black v-neck t-shirt, a lightweight black windbreaker and black and white sneakers. She looked both ways and then stepped back in the door keying in an alarm code to a keypad just inside. She slid back out again, stealthily, keys in hand, and locked the front door as the alarm did its series of countdown beeps. When it stopped beeping she pocketed the keys and set off, looking around again with wary wonder.
She was unfamiliar with her surroundings and started down the road and then froze up and halted as a blue delivery truck rattled by. Catching her breath, she began wa…

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