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Red Flag Part 2

Commissioner Dale Caulfield sat deeply engrossed in his laptop in his office in the ORP’s small wing for program D.28; Ontario’s Witness Protection Program when the knock came at the door. He called out “Come in!” without looking up. It was Nina.
She quietly filed in and sat down, knowing better than to interrupt the commissioner when he was concentrating. The wait was short as he leaned forward and pushed the laptop between them, turning it so she could see the screen.
“We have a bit more of a history with Corran than I’d like.”
Nina began to read a list of names he had open in a database. She blinked at it in surprise and then her gaze snapped to the commissioner “Five? Are they all still living there?”
Dale shook his head “No, they’re not even all still alive.” He held up a hand to anticipate her next question “We didn’t lose any by our own errors. One died in his sleep of old age ten years ago. He was the first in the program to be relocated there. Irwin Thomas. I believe his gra…

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